Being on air for more than 10 years has made of ‘Salvados’ a share leading show and worthy of the most prestigious awards in the sector. ‘Salvados’ is broadcasted in over 30 countries and on Netflix.

Lo de Évole

Personal stories -anonymous and famous people- with a common theme and social background.

La Liga de los Hombres Extraordinarios

Football former presidents Lendoiro, Lopera, Caneda, Gaspart and Del Nido star in this five-episode program that explores Spain in the 90s and the culture of ‘pelotazo’. An overview, made with both embarrassment and nostalgia, of our society through the testimonies of its protagonists and a detailed selection of archival footage from that time.

Encuentros Inesperados

Mamen Mendizábal hosts ‘Encuentros Inesperados’ (Unexpected Encounters). Each week, it brings together four celebrities who, despite their personal and ideological distance, address issues of general interest, looking for common ground.

Pajares and CÍA

‘Pajares & CÍA’ is a five-part docuseries that portrays a phenomenon that went beyond cinema. With Andrés Pajares as the common thread, the series offers a critical and distant look at a moment in the history of Spain in which the actor was the most popular character.

Matchday: inside FCBarcelona

‘Matchday: Inside FC Barcelona’ is an 8-episode documentary series on Barça’s 2018-2019 season from an unprecedented perspective: how players and coaches lived both inside the locker room and their own private lifes.

La Clau

Join Paula on her most important adventure: get the magic key for the Three Wise Men. Directed by Elena Trapé and written by Juan Cruz, this short film is Producciones del Barrio’s first fiction project.

Mr. Trump, disculpe las molestias

This our very first project for the USA market. The impact of Trump’s policies on the latino community with Bernie Sanders, Kate del Castillo, José Andrés and anonymous people who suffer them firsthand.


The story of a luxury sailing ship turned into a refugees rescue boat for refugees has been screened in over 250 cinemas and festivals worldwide and has received numerous awards. Its box office takings enabled the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms to sail for four months and to save 15,000 lives during that time.

Orígenes, el principio de la solución

There is no planet B and we face a key decade to make our planet a sustainable place to live. ‘Orígenes, el principio de la solución’ is a documentary webserie conducted y model and activist Jon Kortajarena and has been awarded as best Branded Content BCMA 2021.

Proyecto Arkano

Drive emotions through music. That’s the challenge rap singer Arkano pushes these six youngsters through.

Celebraré mi muerte

Dr.Hourmann’s story -the first doctor condemned in Spain for practice euthanasia- a brand new staging combining theater and audiovisual documentary, with a non-professional actor and nine members of the public -randomly chosen- turned into the popular jury of the trial he never had.

Malas compañías

Corruption like you’ve never seen it before. A tour through Spanish corruption geography, to pursue the most notorious cases with anonymous people who got involved.

Thematic documentaries

A series of documentarie, sundry formats: a debate on eld, new family models, the impact of plastic…

Bienvenidas al norte, bienvenidas al sur

If talking helps people get along, who better to bridge gaps than seven women from Andalusia and seven women from Catalonia. By living together they manage to discover what it’s really like to live in each other’s regions, break down barriers and banish clichés.

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