At Producciones del Barrio we create audio-visual content. Our original ideas, different approach and film aesthetics are our USP.

  • Más Maduro

    “He asked me 100 questions, 98 were poisoned”
- Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela.
  • Francisco

    A milestone interview with Pope Francis I
  • Astral

    The history of a luxury sailing ship turned into a refugee rescue boat.
  • En la capital del Dáesh

    ISIS’s last days in Iraq and Syria from the front line of fire.
  • Mujica, un presidente diferente

    Would you vote for a president who tells you the truth?
  • La máquina del fango

    Anything goes to defeat a political adversary. Even using personal information to raise
  • Sin transparencia

    Transparency has a price. And Julian Assange knows it.
  • Celebraré mi muerte

    If we want to live properly, why cannot we choose to die properly? A brand new theater experience.
  • Proyecto Arkano

    Drive emotions through music. That's the challenge rap singer Arkano pushes these six youngsters through.
  • Hasta los 100 y más allá

    If your last wish is going back to yours roots, what would you do to achieve this?

Producciones del Barrio is an audio-visual company led by Jordi Évole and Ramón Lara, who have worked in this industry for over 20 years. Our multidisciplinary team includes
scriptwriting, production, implementation, setting, post-production, documentation and
promotion. We can manage the entire production chain of our content.

Our modern facilities give us autonomy in post-production processes:

  • 5 HD, 2K and 4K edit rooms
  • 1 HD, 2K and 4K color grading room
  • 1 audio post-production with Pro Tools HD and studio
  • 1 graphic and visual effects/VFX position
  • 1 intakes, DIT and export position

Everything is connected via a high-speed network to shared storage making our processes
efficient and streamlined.

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