Matchday, produced by FC Barcelona and Producciones del Barrio, gets inside Barça like never before

FC Barcelona has announced the broadcasting of ‘Matchday: Inside FC Barcelona’, an 8-episode documentary that gets into Barça’s last season from an unprecedented perspective: inside the team and the players privacy.

More than 40 professionals and +500 hours of recording that, under the direction of the journalist Oriol Querol and the realization of Pol Rodríguez, joins Barça in everything that was not seen of the classics against Real Madrid, the Champions League qualifiers against Manchester United and Liverpool or the celebration of LaLiga title. ‘Matchday’ travels alongside Leo Messi, gets into Luis Suárez‘s house and joins Shakira in unique moments in the club’s history. All this narrated by John Malkovich.

The result is an unprecedented and captivating show both for its unique content and aesthetic, as it is Producciones del Barrio‘s trademark. ‘Matchday’ can be seen on Rakuten TV and is a production of the club itself through Barça Studios with Producciones del Barrio and Kosmos.

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