Lo de Évole and the transmedia experience with Ibai Llanos

Jordi Évole interviewed Ibai Llanos in his second show of the season. During the talk, we could get to know in depth the character who is taking social media and streaming platforms by storm. The conversation also addressed the relationship between conventional television and new communication channels, such as the Twitch platform.

Transmedia experience

Jordi Évole was live on Ibai’s Twitch channel one hour before the broadcast of ‘Lo de Évole’ on laSexta, where they explained unknown details of the filming and commented on aspects of the program until the broadcast began. The next day, with the collaboration of Atresmedia, Ibai broadcast the entire show on its own channel.

The audience supported #LoDeIbai with an average of 2.4 million viewers on laSexta and 1.5 million views on Twitch.

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